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Oriental Dollarbird [Eurystomus orientalis]

In Korea, this bird's common name is Blue Bird (파랑새). And people commonly regard this bird as a bird of happiness because of the story from the fairy play L'Oiseau bleu, written by Maurice Maeterlinck.

The funny thing is the Blue Bird that Tyltyl and Mytyl were searching for was the very dove they were keeping at home. But many people believe that the Blue Bird is a mysterious bird hard to find. As contrary to this common belief, it's quite a common migratory bird here and it's easy to find them. It only requires some interest in birds and a bit of luck.

Interestinly, this is a perfect match with the main message of the L'Oiseau bleu.

Happiness is not something hard to reach; it's just all around you only if you open your eyes and see things differently. Blue Bird (Eurystomus orientalis) is also not a mystical bird but one of our common neighbours. You can meet them if you give more attention to them.

Another funny thing is its English common name, the Dollarbird. Because of its white patch in its wings looked like a silver coin, this bird got such a name. So whenever I see this bird, I feel like I've collected coins.

One more thing about its name. Its Chinese name is 三宝鸟 (sān-bǎo-niǎo), literally meaning three-jewel-bird. I was curious what is the hidden story with this name. Long story short, here are essential intel I've got regarding this name.

1) In China, this bird had a few names other than 三宝鸟.

2) 三宝 (sān-bǎo), the three jewels mean the 'three jewels' of Buddhism, which are the Buddha, the law, and the monks.

3) In Japan, this bird was known as ブッポウソウ, meaning the Buddha, the law, and the monks.

4) In 1923, the Zoological Nomenclature was published in Shanghai and this bird seemed to be listed as 三宝鸟 because this publication was a Japanese-influenced work.

Funny, isn't it?

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