Eagle vs. Gull

It looks like someone is trying a free ride.

Another attempts!

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Seagull says

"I am not the one trying to take a free ride!

This Eagle is trying a free catch,

which is meant for us!

That fish is not for the eagle but seagulls. 


Eagle thinks

"Oh, this is the life of a celebrity!

Everybody wants to touch me, be next to me, give a gift to me...

Well,  a fish is acceptable even a small one."

I took a boat tour in Tromsø and some people on the boat caught a few fishes.

The tour guide suggested giving those caught fishes to the eagle near to the fishing spot.

It seemed the feeding the white-tailed sea eagle with the fishes caught by the tourists became an old ritual. All local birds (mostly mew gulls and some were herring gulls) were following the boat and the sea eagle exactly knew what she/he could expect. 

The sea eagle was attacked and harassed by seagulls and an oystercatcher. 

It was interesting to observe the seagull's brave and fierce act contrasted by the total calmness and ignorance of the giant monster, sea eagle.

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