About PapilionemK

Since childhood, I've been always aspiring to fly.

If I flap my arms several times, I find myself flying in the air (in my dreams 😅).

But in reality, I cannot escape from the gravitational force between my body and the earth.

All the creatures having wings have fascinated me and they are my muses.

Although birds are the ultimate, fearless masters of flying, I personally respect butterflies, whose delicate bodies can survive in the air with such elegance and beauty.

By naming my alter ego as PapilionemK (papilio from Latin, meaning butterfly), I imagine myself airborne with zero weight.

About me, Hye-Ryon Kim

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I am a medical writer and nature photographer, based mostly in South Korea.

As I majored in veterinary medicine, I had been a practicing vet for a while but my yearning for adventures forced me to choose a little different course of career than other peers. My decision eventually gave me a freedom to travel anytime.

Even though I have most of the control over my schedule, I am still chased by everyday chores and pressure from work. But visiting nature and finding out the secrets of nature, especially bird's life, worked like a healing medicine for me. The more I am involved in nature, the more I become energetic, creative, and efficient in other aspects of my life and the less stress I get.

I found the charm of photography since I started birding. Photos contained all the wonderful details of birds that I could not see with my bare eyes or things I missed because of short lives of certain moments. The power of photography comes from the fact that photos can stop the time, hold the moment, bring me back to the scene where I could not have stayed no way longer than certain fraction of a second.

As an avid birder, my lens usually focuses on birds; however, any living things, natural scenery, or landscape are no exceptions as long as they attract my attention. Whenever I'm inspired by something,  I'd like to deliver my feelings in my photos. I am happy to share my joy with you!

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